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Hi Guys

How are you?

Valentines Day is only around the corner and if you still haven’t  bought anything for your other half then Manscaped got you covered!

They’ve such a huge range of men grooming products, if you are following me on Instagram you would have seen me talking in detail about The Perfect package

So The Perfect package   contains the following:

HE LAWN MOWER™ 3.0 – skinsafe™ electric trimmer
CROP PRESERVER™ – anti-chafing ball deodorant
CROP REVIVER™ – ball spray toner
MAGIC MAT™ – disposable shaving mats
THE SHED – travel bag ($39.99 value)
MANSCAPED™ BOXERS – anti-chafing boxers ($19.99 value)

So if you are looking for a gift for someone who has absolutely everything and is hard to impress then this set is for him- the most unique & extraordinary Valentines gift.  The quality of each of the products is top class!

They also sent me a WEED WHACKER

WEED WHACKER™  is an electric ear and nose hair trimmer featuring SkinSafe™ technology and a powerful 600m Ah li-ion battery. Weed Whacker™ trimmer has an intelligently contoured design with a 9,000 RPM motor that powers a 360° rotary dual-blade system. Waterproof capability enables convenient wet or dry operation.

And the good news is you get 20% off if you buy through any of the active links in this blogpost, every single product is linked, happy shopping !



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