Valentines thanks to Fungifts

Hi Guys,

I hope Everyone is keeping well. Today we are talking all things gifts. Valentines is only around the corner, so I’m here for you with some gift inspo.

I’ve been browsing on Internet for hours in search for something special for my boyfriend Kevin, so I came across Fungifts 

Fungifts have got  such a big variety of items that you can personalize! I wanted so many …eventually I’ve made up my minds.. and chose

Personalized slippers

These water-resistant spa slippers are made of a high-quality terry cloth, so that your feet always receive a royal treatment, decorate them with your own company name, logo, photo or matching quote.

The good thing about this gift is that it’s a practical one and could be worn every day! Perfect for Valentines, Mother’s Day, Father’s day, wedding, birthday or even as part of pamper gift.

The next one is a pair of Shot glasses.

You can use this glassware as personalized whisky glass, vodka shot glasses, wedding shot glasses, Christmas shot glasses, to serve smoothies and cocktails or as decoration in the living room. The choice is all yours because you choose the design!

This is also a fantastic item for companies and / or family parties, because these frosted glasses are not only a real eye-catcher, but a super useful gift where you can serve delicious drinks! You can of course order them for Father’s Day or you can buy the shot glasses as a surprising business gift, for the birthday of your best friend or acquaintance.

This is the kind of gift you can’t go wrong with, could be gifted to absolutely anyone! I have these shots in dining room next to Brandy 🙂

And my most favorite one is a Snow dome

Are you looking for an original gift with sentimental or nostalgic value? Then take a look at this snow globe. This photo gift is a plexiglass ball filled with white snowflakes or swirling hearts in which your photo can be placed on both the front and back. This is ideal for winter as Christmas snow domes, as a surprise for Valentine, but can actually warm the hearts of your friends, family or colleagues in any season and all year round!

Have you always wanted to place that holiday clique or that one nice photo in a nice frame? This custom snow globe is a great way to capture your memory in glass so that you or those who you surprise with the gift can always go back in time, to that precious moment!

I think this is the most perfect gift for Valentines!

And more importantly their website is super simple in use, it took me a few minutes to personalize all the gifts.

As I said if you are one of those last minute shoppers then Fungifts is the right place for you. They’ve something for Everyone!

And the good news is they’ve 10% off for all of you guys with my discount code FG10LOVE.

Happy shopping!

Lots of Love



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