Thick eyelashes with Borboleta beauty

Hi Guys,

I hope Everyone is well, today we are talking all things eyelashes.

During lockdown I haven’t done much makeup as I’ve nowhere to go ha ha so I’ve  decided to use this time to treat them, naturally I’ve very thin eyelashes, over the years I’ve been wearing a lot of semi permanent eyelashes and false once off eyelashes, which  damaged my own eyelashes a lot so now it’s time to start treating them.

So I did my research online and came across Borboleta beauty

Borboleta beauty asked me to test their Lash serum

I am quite skeptic when it comes to products like that but decided to give it a go, so I’ve been using it for 2 months at this stage and to be honest i was impressed with the results, my eyelashes got thicker!

Normally I don’t have much time for makeup on a day to day basis  so natural look is the way forward for me, it’s unbelievable how much confidence i get by not needing to wear a mascara.

It’s super simple in use, I’ve been applying it twice daily  on  dry & clean makeup free eyelashes, it’s $65 but is worth every penny spent.

They have a  huge range of other amazing products, feel free to check them through the link below:

Borboleta beauty

Guys, I hope you find my recommendation useful

Have a great day !

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