The Geni In A Bottle For Hair

Guys, how is Everyone holding? I hope you guys are staying safe, it seems like the whole Covid situation hasn’t improved but only got worse, but let’s not talk about negative, I’m here with the positive vibes.

Let’s see if I could distract you with my hair care topic today, self care is as important as any of our day to day tasks.

Lately I was getting so many messages from you guys about my hair care routine!

About 3 weeks ago Genihair asked me to test some of their products. So they sent me a  GENi HAIR SMOOTHING KIT


GENi HAIR SMOOTHING KIT  is a long-lasting & frizz elimination treatment that restores, moisturizes and conditions hair up to 12 washes. It’s an easy application which suits all hair types. So the kit includes  shampoo, smoother and leave in treatment. The products are vegan, sulphate & cruelty free and contain Brazilian fruits.

GENi HAIR Smoother is thermo-activated to not only prevent heat damage from the blow dryer, but also enhance the blow dryer’s ability to not only reduce damage but to heal and protect your hair, the result will be a greater frizz reduction and longer lasting smoothing effect, just leave it in your hair for 20 minutes and rinse afterwards.

I’m sure all the blonde ladies out there will agree that getting blonde highlights done every 4-6 weeks makes our hair weak & dry. As an influencer I get to try so many different hair care brands and I’ve tried many! I get a full head of highlights done every 6 weeks so for me in order to achieve a totally smooth straight hair I would need a very intensive hair treatment, I think GENi HAIR SMOOTHING KIT has it all, a 3 step kit for totally smooth hair! I’ve been using it for the last 3 weeks and i’m very happy so far! My hair looks soft, smooth and shiny!

A step by step demonstration on how to make the most of this kit is up on my Instagram page, feel free to check it out through the link below:

And the good news is you get 10% off with my discount code DIANA10
I hope you find my recommendation helpful



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