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Hi Guys,

How are you? Kids are in bed so I’m catching up on my Instagram content.

Meant to say, the other day I’ve discovered an absolutely amazing app! It’s called Beauty Buddy.

Finally! The 2 Irish sisters Tracy & Wendy founded (in 2018) an app we all need! One day they felt so overwhelmed  by the amount of products out there so they’ve created a Beauty Buddy app. The app provides us with the information that we need including directions of use, ingredients, tutorials, ratings and reviews. It’s like a TripAdvisor, but for beauty products!

They also have a bar-code scan system in place, which is so handy! Say you are in the shop and in front of you there are at least 20 brands of the same beauty product. All you have to do is scan the bar-code of the product using a bar-code scanner installed in the App which brings you instantly to the product page, how amazing is that ! So the product page contains the full product description, directions of use, ingredients, tutorials and finally reviews. Good or bad, there are all sorts of reviews  there, but the most important thing every one of them is an honest one.

The page also has an icon “buy now” which allows you to buy a product right there.

The app also allows us to rate the product using  stars 1 to 5

All reviews are being written by an honest independent people. The app contains a “makeup bag” with 2 options: Have & Want.

So for “Have” the products that you already  have and you have already reviewed, for “want” the products that you are interested in buying.

On the Homepage of the App you’ll find separate sections:

Popular brands

New reviews

Just added (new products have been added to the app and available for review)

Instagram Feed

Recently viewed

Next, you can search by All, Brands, Products and even people.

Just start typing the brand of the product  and the product options will start showing up.

I spend lots of money on makeup & skincare products, so it’s extremely important for me to make an informed decision before  buying a product.

I personally think Tracy & Wendy came up with an absolutely genius idea! what a brilliant concept and it’s so simple in use, I’m now a huge fan of Beauty Buddy  and enjoy reading someone else’s reviews and sharing my own experiences!

So feel free to go ahead and download an app through the link below (it’s free to download)

I hope you find my recommendation useful!

Lots of Love




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