Happy Tueday Guys!

I hope Everyone is keeping well.

The restrictions are easing in the UK and in Ireland which is great news and the weather is picking up nicely which puts all of us in so much better form!

Summer is only around the corner so it’s time to think of tanning.

As an Influencer i get sent so many different self tan products to try! And I tell you I’ve tried many!

So about a few months ago I was sent Tancream

Tancream is a gradual self tan. Tancream carefully blends sunscreen and sunless tanning agents to create an innovative luxury face and body lotion offering SPF 50, a superior self tan, a tint of natural bronzer and moisturising properties – all in one bottle.

Tancream is unique. Combining an SPF50 with a gradual daily self-tan, might seem obvious, however it has never been achieved before as the chemistry involved in combining the active ingredients is complicated.

The formula for Tancream has been developed by the UK’s top suncare specialists and took two years of intensive research. It is unique, patented and has been endorsed by leading dermatologists.

Tancream combines:

Daily Defence

SPF 50 and Ultra UVA 5 star High Sun Protection
Protects your skin against premature ageing and more serious long term damage. Ultra protection level UVA 5 stars safeguards against the deep penetrating UVA rays that damage skin and cause premature ageing and wrinkling.

Healthy Tan

Gradual Self Tan and Instant Bronzer
What makes Tancream unique is the addition of self tan accelerator agents and instant bronzing tint which give you an immediate, natural looking and streak free tan. When applied daily it builds up to produce a long lasting healthy glow.

Colour Corrector

Evens skin tone, Anti-ageing and Anti-Oxidant
The unique product forms a film on the skin that creates the protection from the sun and also holds the self-tanning and antioxidant ingredients in place with an Anti-ageing premium moisturising, smoothing lotion.

Easy to apply

A light non-streaking, fragrance and paraben free tan with a tint that allows the user to ensure that the coverage is complete and which is easily absorbed by the skin.

Sunscreen Warnings

Tancream allows you to enjoy the sun safely whilst gaining and maintaining a healthy tan. Tancream contains a blend of organic sunscreens and UV filters providing SPF50 (HIGH) & UVA 5 Star (ULTRA) but you should apply liberally and reapply frequently. Sunscreen is the last form of defence against harmful UVA/UVB rays 1) Avoid the sun between 11 – 3pm 2) Wear protective clothing such as hats & sunglasses 3) Always reapply after swimming or excessive sweating 4) Reapply regularly or every 2-3 hours

I think Tancream is deal for women with pale skin tones and also for those trying to achieve a totally natural looking tan without any dark patches.

I’m very pale so I’m not leaving the house without an SPF, actually i can never achieve an actual tan in the sun if anything I get burns and freckles so I always use self tan & sun protection in summer time, very few self-tan brands make tan containing an SPF.

I hate to apply  sun protection lotion on top of self tan which always leaves me with a white layer making self tan looking so much lighted than it actually is so I was delighted to discover Tancream!

guys, feel free to check out below instagram video I’ve created for you guys demonstrating Tancream application


Guys, for those of you interested in buying Tancream I’m including a direct link below !




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