Stylish beach body jewellery

Happy Tuesday !

I hope everyone had a great morning 🙂

Today I’m talking fashion.

If you are heading on your holidays don’t forget to add some stylish body accessories to your outfit.

I did a bit of research and below are my favorites:


ASOS Spiral Arm Cuff €11.27


image3xxl (1)

ASOS Draping Coin Arm Cuff €14.08

image3xxl (2)

ASOS Pack of 2 Sleek Twist Arm Cuffs €8.45

image3xxl (3)

ASOS Western Cord Wrap Anklet €11.27

image1xxl (1)

New Look Flecked Stone Body Chain €11.25

image1xxl (2)

ASOS Festival Charm Foot Chain €11.27

image3xxl (4)

ALDO Rozner Leaf Arm Cuff €14.08

image1xxl (3)

New Look Shell Front Back Body Chain €14.07

image3xxl (5)

Limited Edition Chain Anklet €8.45

image1xxl (4)

ASOS Pack of 2 Crystal Stretch Arm Cuffs €25.35

image1xxl (5)

ASOS Festival Front & Back Tassel Body Chain €16.90






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