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Today is the last day of 2020! Thank god! I think we all can’t wait for this year to end…

This year has been a lucky and unlucky for me in some ways , I took Instagram to a completely new level and now doing it full time, all the 5 years of hard work are finally paying off! But I also spent 10 days in the hospital with postnatal complications, but now I’m feeling super positive and optimistic about 2021!

Unfortunately the whole  Covid situation in Ireland and in the UK is not getting any better, but only getting worse! So now more than ever we have to take our Immune system seriously. I eat very healthy, 60% of my groceries contain of fruit & veg, I don’t go a day without eating an apple a day, I’m a stay at home mum and have time for cooking and preparing smoothies, but majority of us don’t have time for that. Majority of us have extremely busy lives and quite often eat the convenience meals that are not necessarily healthy. During flu season and especially during pandemic I rely solely on supplements.

Being a blogger allows me to test many brands and I tried many! So the other day I was asked to test Vegums multivitamins.

Basically Vegums is an Eco-friendly gummy multivitamin created by vegan pharmacists specially for the plant-based diet. This multivitamin contains the most essential vitamins like B12, B6, D2, folic acid, selenium & iodine. Despite how healthy a vegan diet can be , it can leave you short on essential vitamins and minerals that are usually found in meat & dairy. Deficiencies can lead to serious health problems, so Vegums give you that daily maintenance dose and  reassurance we all want.

So there are 2 ways to  purchase Vegums 

You can subscribe & save 20% for £9.95 pro month(you can cancel any time) or you can just go for a one time purchase for £12.95

When you subscribe, your first delivery will come with a free Vegums organic cotton bag & Vegums little tin for storing your multivitamins which is super handy! Refills are sent in biodegradable bags to top up your tube or tin with.

Guys and the good news is you get 10% off  Vegums with my discount code diana10 (valid on first subscription payments only)

Also all of the Vegums  multivitamins are suitable for kids from 3 years of age which is brilliant as I always make sure my son Kevi is taking multivitamins every day during flu/pandemic season.

I’ve posted a detailed video on all things Vegums multivitamins on my Instagram page, please check out through the link below.

Guys, please make sure to stay on top of your immune system, there is nothing more important than our own health and 2020 has proved it!

Thank you




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