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Stay hydrated with Waterdrop

Hi Guys

Today we are talking all things water.

I’m one of those people who struggle to drink 2l of water every day, especially in winter time when it’s cold.

Let’s be honest the only thing we want to drink during cold season is tea & coffee! Drinking two liters a day is vital as breathing air. We need both to function. Good hydration increases energy and alertness.

So recently I’ve  discovered Waterdrop 

Waterdrop   is  the real taste of natural fruits & plants to enhance the best drink in the world — pure water.

Waterdrop sent me this pretty bottle and several different flavors of Microdrinks  &  Microtea


This is how it works:

Fill in your Waterdrop bottle with 400-600 ml of hot or cold water and drop in one of the Microdrinks  or  Microtea

It dissolves instantly. It’s that simple! No stirring & no shaking needed.

Microdrinks  you can dissolve in sparkling or still water, and Microtea you meant to drink hot.

Their fruit and plant extracts are very sensitive to air since Waterdrop doesn’t use preservatives. Each Waterdrop is sealed with a wafer-thin membrane to ensure freshness.They exclusively source the best fruits and plants from trusted farmers all around the globe.

Distilling the essence:

Magic happens after harvest. Water is gently removed from the fruits and plants and dried directly on site in a special process designed for freshness. This technique condenses the essence to a pure powder and captures its full aroma. Also Waterdrop is 100% sugar free.

Also since Waterdrop only ships the essence of the drink, Waterdrop cuts up to 98% of CO2 emissions compared to bottled beverages.

Waterdrop sent me 6 different flavours of

Microdrinks :


Contains pomegranate, goji berry & schizandra & valuable vitamins B6/C &Folic acid, contains no sugar & suitable for diabetics.


Contains starfruit, white tea and lemongrass, aluable vitamins C / folic acid / biotin, without sugar – suitable for diabetics.


Contains blackcurrant, elderflower & acai, contains vitamins B6/B12/C, no sugar-suitable for diabetics


Contains Hibiscus, Acerola and Aronia, contains vitamins B1/B7/C


Contains Cranberry, Moringa, Rosehip, vitamin B2/B7/C


Contains  guarana, cola nut, blackberry and a touch of activated charcoal, vitamins B6/C/B12

And 3 different flavors for Microtea:

Mellow mint

Contains mint, lemon verbena and a hint of apple

Fruit Fusion

Contains hibiscus, blueberry and rose hip

White Blossom

Contains white tea, blueberry and linden blossom

Guys, and the good news is Waterdrop  is celebrating their 1 Million customers and giving all of you guys 10GBP off any orders over 30 GBP when using my discount code DIANA10 (Valid until 07.03.2021)

Guys, I hope you find my recommendation useful.

So, drink more and stay hydrated. It’s the best gift for your body.



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