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Today we are talking all things spices!

I’m sure you know how much I love Chinese and Indian cuisine. Chicken curry in our family probably is one of our favorite meals, over the years I tried so many different curry powders! And the other day I’ve discovered Spice up

Spice Up offers a broad and tasty collection of herbs, spices and blends, specially selected from the finest sources & hand ground, enabling you to reproduce the authentic flavour of world cookery in your kitchen.

At Spice Up, the legitimacy and reliability of all their seasoning is important to them. Therefore, they have obtained exceptional ingredients of authentic origin from top quality suppliers. All their products are single origin meaning that unlike lacklustre & bland-tasting supermarket brands, have robust, refined flavour.

Their seasoning blends are handmade for extreme flavour & have been tried & tested to ensure that they encapsulate the uniqueness of food from around the world. Each spice blend is made by us using specially selected herbs & spices and in small batches to ensure exceptional quality each time.

​Their collections include an assortment of product bundles belonging to a common theme. Each collection contains an exclusive product and each packaging uniquely designed by an artist and graphic designer.  All their collections are perfect for all cooks from the recreational to the experienced so anyone wanting to buy herbs, spices or blends will find a distinctive selection in our online shop.

Spice up   was created by Paula, a registered Clinical & Public Health Nutritionist (AfN). From her 1st nutrition degree, she realised that global food security, international development and trade rules were things that were important to her. During her master’s degree, she enhanced her nutritional expertise which when paired with her travel and recipe development experiences as well as her passion for seasonings and cooking, she was able to create Spice Up, a brand with ethicality, flavour, and health at the core.

So Spice up sent me a A taste of Africa collection

Which contained the following:

South African curry powder

A warm, tangy and delicately spiced medium curry powder with aromatic South African spices blended to a flawless balance. Perfect to spice up your meat, fish and vegetable based curries. Great as a rub too!


Tunisian thyme

A delicately pungent and fragrant herb with concentrated flavour, specially selected from Tunisia. Perfect to spice up your meat, chicken, fish and vegetable dishes


Moroccan turmeric powder

A pungent and mildly musky spice, specially selected from Morocco with notes of orange and ginger, perfect to spice up your meat, chicken, fish and vegetable based curries

Tanzanian cayenne powder

A scented and sweet spice with subtle heat flavours specially selected from Tanzania, perfect to spice up your meat, chicken, fish and vegetable dishes


East African meat seasoning

A rich and magical blend of specially selected herbs and spices of East Africa, with notes of cloves and allspice to awaken and spice up your meat dishes. Great as a rub too!

North African chicken seasoning

A robust and fragrant blend of specially selected herbs and spices of North Africa, with mellow yet explosive flavours to transform and spice up your chicken dishes. Great as a run too!

So I’ve made the most delicious chicken curry using  Spice up  South African curry powder.

Feel free to check out a step by step recipe on my YouTube channel through the below link


And the other day I’ve made Chicken Tikka Masala for the first time ever using Spice up Moroccan Turmeric Powder. I can confirm it turned out delicious!

Highly recommend!!

lots of love



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