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Today we are talking all things face masks.

About a month ago Que Bella asked me to test some of their face masks.

Their  products are formulated with the best extracts and key ingredients to help care for all skin types. With over 25 facial mask products, both their core and professional ranges feature innovative ingredients to help cleanse and nourish the skin.

Their  masks range from muds, clays, peel off masks and sheet masks, with an affordable skin-care solution for everyone. As a best-selling face mask brand in the US,  they  sell over a million face masks a year. They  absolutely pride themselves on providing, fun, innovative skin care products that actually work! Their mission is to continue on this journey creating amazing skin care experiences, with trend-led facial products, and be globally recognized for their pamper-at-home products.

Their masks strive to delivery innovative and playful end products with high quality ingredients and extracts. Specifically designed with their customers in mind, they are passionate about catering to all skin types and skin concerns. They want their products to leave you feeling amazing, and your best self!

So I tried all of the masks they sent and below are my favorite ones:

Refreshing Pomegranate Peel off Mask

Enriched with nourishing pomegranate oil & toning organic Witch Hazel extract this refreshing face mask helps to remove  your dead skin cells and cleanse away any excess oil and  leave your skin feeling smooth and clean. When you use this trusty skin treatment from Que Bella, you can expect your skin to feel tighter, with fewer impurities. Fresh as a daisy!



Reviving Watermelon Peel off Mask

When you’re not sure what to reach for, the Que Bella reviving Watermelon Peel Off Mask ticks all the boxes. This refreshing mask was designed to give you a bit of everything – hydrated, moisturized skin, with a brighter complexion. When you’re finished giving your skin a splash of juicy watermelon hydration, peel off the mask to reveal plumper, less tired-looking skin.

Professional Illuminating Holographic Peel off Mask

What’s better than glowing skin? … Not much in our opinion. Our Illuminating Holographic Peel off Mask, works wonders for your skin leaving you feeling refreshed with brighter, dewy-looking skin. The mask is enriched with botanicals such as violet extract and jasmine extract. They help to remove dead skin cells and exfoliate, making dull skin look and feel revived! With added sodium hyaluronate, the masks acts as a powerful moisturiser which helps to plump the skin and reduce the signs of ageing. The holographic shimmer particles are super fun to apply and will help to make the skin appear bright and radiant! Glow girl!

Revitalizing Strawberry Peel off Mask

Everyone from the Queen to the Kardashians will get fine lines on their faces but, if you’re searching for the fountain of youth, the Que Bella Revitalizing Strawberry Peel Off Mask is here to help. This rejuvenating, strawberry-scented face mask is packed with ingredients to help tired skin start to shine again, while the added sodium hyaluronate gives your skin a deep moisturizing treatment and works to help the skin appear smoother.

Professional Hydrating Birch Leaf Moisture Mask

Even the most cared for skin gets a little bit thirsty once in a while! If you (and your skin) can relate, the Que Bella Professional Hydrating Birch Leaf Mask will be your BFF. This intensely moisturizing facial treatment contains shea and cocoa butters to nourish your skin and get it back to feeling like its best self. These soothing butters work hand in hand with the birch leaf extract which is there to help refine your skin’s appearance. Birch leaf extract has so many enticing properties making it a cleansing and toning agent all in one. Enriched with an amazing blend of oils including, olive oil, grape-seed oil, coconut oil and sunflower oil, you’ll be left with soft, smooth and glowing skin!

Recharge & Restore

Glowing skin just got one step closer with this Recharge and Restore Moonstone mask. Use this hydrating mask to help leave your skin looking and feeling radiant. Containing enchanting moonstone extract to help rejuvenate the skin, and conditioning caffeine. Also enriched with cleansing charcoal powder which helps to detoxify the skin of impurities and excess oils. One of the key ingredients is Sodium Hyaluronate which helps to plump and firm the skin, and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Guys, I’ve just posted a video on my Instagram account  on all things Que Bella, please check out through the link below:

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