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About 3 months ago Rabbit Bra asked me to test their invisible push-up bra.

Rabbit Bra is a hypoallergenic medical grade self-adhesive bra, 100% eco-friendly, made of soft silicone material to conform to your figure seamlessly while staying in place, cover the entire breast nipple area elegantly. A delicate way to go braless.

Rabbit Bra comes with an adhesive breast lift tape which makes your breast instant lift and firm. Compared with the original diameter, the upgraded women’s nippleless covers are large enough to provide better coverage for your breast.

Rabbit Bra is designed to look naturally and invisible, thin edge and thicker center are better to protect and hide nipples. These nude seamless nippleless covers make them a natural look and invisible even under sheer clothing. Perfect solutions for Tops, Blouse Shirts, Strapless, Backless, Deep-V, Wedding Dress, Swim

Rabbit Bra is totally reusable and washable: all of their covers are washable and re-usable. Simply wash them with warm water and mild soap, then air dry. With proper care, each pair of nippleless covers are re-usable dozens of times.

So I got myself an Original Rabbit Bra in black &beige in size A-C cups, but you can also get it in sizes D/DD & F-H cups.

They also offer other types:

Advanced Rabbit Bra

Fashionable Rabbit Bra

Solid Rabbit Bra

Rabbit Bras Tape


Valentines Day  is only around the corner, make sure to stock up on Rabbit Bra if you are planning on wearing sexy revealing outfits.

For a full detailed demonstration please check out my Instagram video through the link below:

I hope you find my recommendation useful!



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