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Happy Thursday!

If you are following me on Instagram then you  probably remember me talking a lot about Subbook   

This is something i wanted to do long time ago.

I’m old school and love the old fashioned way of  doing things like writing a blogpost using desktop computer, reading hard copies of magazines, newspapers instead of an online version.

The same with photos, I love them to be stored as hard copies like in old good times and ideally in the photobook.

We all have them on our phones, but what if our phones get lost and then all the memories are gone! So in order to avoid that I’ve ordered myself a photobook with Subbook

My photobook contains 200 photographs  which were taken over the last 3 years. The photobook is about Kevin and his family. Daddy Kevin has got a very big extended family so i had lots of photos to include.

One of the photobooks we’ve gifted to Kevin’s grandparents. They were absolutely delighted with it! This is probably one of the most thoughtful gifts you can get for a family member as a birthday or Christmas gift or even just as a gift for no reason at all!

A Yearbook is such a brilliant idea! I’m going to make one for my daughter Audrey for her 1st birthday which is going to be in December this year.

You can  order your own personalized photobook for as little as EUR 29, with soft cover in an A5 format and you can choose from 32 to 200 photo pages, also they offer free delivery.

They’ve beautiful covers to choose from , so there is something for Everyone!

The order process takes only 10 mins, first you need to download this app

You can select the photos directly from your Instagram , Facebook or camera roll. Then follow the simple steps by entering your payment details and address.

Overall i’m very happy with the way the photobook turned out, the design and  the quality are amazing !

Highly recommend !

Have a great day !









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