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Today we are talking all things hair styling. About a few weeks ago Nu Hair Pro asked me to test their Nu Hair Pro Styler

This styling brush is a life saver! It’s easy to carry, convenient for travel, it softens hair and it has a 3 gear mode selection.

And more importantly it reduces moisture from the hair for faster drying and less damage. Nu Hair Pro Styler  has been engineered for multiple hair types, it creates body and volume for salon results from home, allows you to style your hair and dry at the same time,  achieve a smooth, straighter style, adds volume and shape,  creates a flawless and polished look every time.

As a blogger I was lucky enough to try so many different styling brush brands & designs but  Nu Hair Pro Styler is by far the best one! It cost £59.99 and is worth every penny spent! Nu Hair Pro Styler you can  go for big bouncy blow-dry, for subtle waves or just for simple sleek straight look. The choice is yours!

So I went  for sleek straight look the other day  and here is the result! It only took me 10 mins!

I love the fact that this brush is 2 in 1: the styling tool & an actual blow-dryer! As a mum of 2 i’m delighted to discover such a gadget, means my hair styling process goes from 4o minutes to 15 mins !

Guys, I hope you find my recommendation useful.

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