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Loose 4 kgs in 3 weeks with this tasty smoothie

Happy Tuesday , guys!

Kovi here

Today we are talking weightloss.

I see a lot of people out there are trying their hardest to lose weight so I decided to talk more about this topic…
To get rid of my baby weight wasn’t easy. I tried everything and came to the conclusion that a strict and healthy diet in moderation with a daily workout works the best.
A lot of people are making a huge mistake by starving and then having a big meal which undoes all your hard work. It’s important to frequently eat low-calorie small portions.
I came up with a great smoothie you could have before your workout 🙂

You need the following ingredients:

Alpro almond drink
Glenisk yoghurt
Chia seeds
Almond flakes

Put all the ingredients into your processor and blend thoroughly 🙂
Replace your dinner with this smoothie for 3 weeks and see the difference!

Guys,  please let me know how you’ll get on with this recipe.




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