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Happy  Wednesday!

I hope Everyone is having a great day! Today we are talking all things face masks 🙂

Korean beauty brand Masktime  sent me 2 boxes from their available subscription plans:

Left: Starter box & Right: Glow settee box

1) SEPTEMBER Glow Starter Box

ACWELL – Drinks Purifying Daanji Mask ~ RP £3.00

Acwell Drink Purifying Mask soothes tired skin and minimize redness! Enriched with eucalyptus extract, this masks gives a cooling sensation, providing relief to skin. Using natural, fermented ingredients derived from Korean traditional medicine to impart skin with intense moisture, it comes soaked in an essence full of rice wine extract to seriously soothe irritated skin. This sheet mask is composed of three layers of bamboo fibre coated with biocellulose to perfectly fit the contours of your face. Free of parabens, talc, mineral oil, and sulfates, this sheet mask is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin!

BLOOMING CELL – Dual Effect Mask Blue ~ RP £3.50

Using high doses of active ingredients such as portulaca extract which is an anti-inflammatory, witch hazel extract a natural astringent removes excess oils from the skin and aloe vera extract which calms any irritation. These ingredients help to restore skin back to it’s youthful glow, heal any scars, prevent flare-ups and calms break outs which happens often with a change in climate. Camellia flower extract works to even out overall skin tone and moisturise dehydrated skin!

DAYCELL X GUMMY – You Are My Everything Aqua Mask ~ RP £3.00

We love this collaboration between Daycell and K-Pop sensation singer Gummy! “You Are My Everything” is the title of her 2017 mega hit from the Korean drama Descendants of the Rising Sun (for you K-Drama fans out there!). This mask contains marine collagen to deeply moisturize the skin and help it retain the moisture. By keeping the skin hydrated it helps; skin improve elasticity and promote faster turnover of dead skin cells, clarifies the skin and minimizes wrinkles resulting in refreshed, vitalized and hydrated skin. The light hygienic cotton tencel sheet is made from plant fibre extracted from natural eucalyptus trees and 100% natural cotton containing no chemicals or irritants making this a great mask for those with sensitive skin too!

SAFERENCE – Skin-RX Pore Closing Mask ~ RP £3.50

Saference Skin-RX Pore Closing Mask contains Volcanic Ash, Papaya Extract and Tea Tree Extract to help shrink and tighten large pores caused by unnecessary dead skin cells and sebum! Charcoal and ash clay strongly absorb sebum and purify pores. Purify the skin removing the waste and excess sebum inside the pores whilst eliminating dead skin cells for a clear skin. This mask improves the texture of the skin, smoothing and softening it. Tea tree soothes the skin and prevents imperfections. Made without Parabens, synthetic dyes, benzophenone, mineral oil or animal derived ingredients!

This is an entry level plan for newbies fresh to Korean Beauty or those who don’t mask often, 4 masks and sometimes a bonus skincare item.

2) SEPTEMBER Glow Setter Box

AROMA YONG – Fresh Mandarin Aromatherapy Mask ~ RP £3.50

Blended with the nature of Jeju Island, this mask is formulated with organic ingredients from clean nature of Jeju. Opuntia Coccinellifera Fruit extract aka Prickly Pear provides anti-inflammatory properties whilst brightening and moisturising skin. Natural Jojoba seed oil locks in moisture whilst coating the skin with a protective barrier. This biodegradable sheet is environmentally friendly made from material extracted from Eucalyptus Tree it adheres to the face like second skin! A perfect pick me up for the colder month!

BLOSSOM JEJU – Red Camellia Soombi 2 Step Deep Nourishing Petal Mask ~ RP £4.99

This mask consists of 2 pouches; the 100% pure Camellia Seed Oil in the Step 1 Pouch is a powerful antioxidant, rich in moisturising omegas 3 and 6 as well as essential fatty acids plus Vitamin E and Polyphenols, noted for protecting the skin from ageing free radicals! The Camellia Seed Oil in the Step 1 Pouch helps to deeply absorb the nourishing essence with soy extract and sage extract. The mask is packed with Hyaluronic acid that brings hydration to thirsty skin whilst rosemary and Sweet Pea extracts soothe irritation. The addition of skin-brightening Liquorice extract helps to fight hyperpigmentation and dark spots, while Broccoli and Soybean extracts heal and bring back the glow!

DEWPIEL – Defense Mask Pore ~ RP £4.00

It was a firm favourite in our April Glow Setter Box so due to popular demand we have brought it back! Sick of seeing those enlarged pores? We’ve got the answer! Dewpiel’s Defense mask does just that, defends your pores! The sheet is made from a Micro Away fabric the brilliance of this mask is that it pulls away the dust particles from the skin and attaches itself to the gaps within the fabric of the mask, magic! This stops bacteria breeding on the surface of the skin, thus helping pores to stay clean and unblocked. Ingredients such as witch hazel, portulaca oleracea and tea tree helps to soothe blemish prone skin.

BEAUTY BAKERY – Aqua Marine Moisture Mask ~ RP £3.00

This sheet mask contains marine collagen extracted from clean oceans, supplying your skin with deep moisture. Laminaria Japonica is full of rich minerals that eliminates toxins from the skin and brings about a long-lasting glow! Pure deep ocean water supplies moisture and nutrients deep into the skin and helps to keep the skin bright, evens out skin tone and battles the signs of aging!

LYAJIN HER STORY – Aqua Mask ~ RP £4.00

The story behind every beautiful skin starts with good skincare! Containing: Bambusa Vulgaris (bamboo) Water this helps to retain moisture whilst creating bright and healthy skin, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Water which calms sensitive skin, protects against irritation whilst also being an amazing antioxidant! Glutathione reduces pigmentation and prevents the signs of aging, Adenosine strengthens skins elasticity and improves fine lines and wrinkles. This mask will keep your skin looking beautiful and hydrated!

INNISFREE – Seaweed Soothing Mask Cooling Soothing ~ RP £4.00

Formulated with C-Therapy Complex, this Seaweed Soothing Mask from Innisfree provides excellent soothing and calming benefits to irritated skin due to harmful UV rays and pollution from the environment. Rich alginic acid derived from Jeju Kelp has amazing mositurising and purifying properties leaving skin supple, smooth and detoxified! Jeju Marine collagen and hyaluronic acid helps to retain moisture and firms skin tone. The super transparent hydrogel melts into your skin over time allowing skin to maximise absorption of the gel essence!


  1. The mask comes in two sections, take the upper part and place over forehead and eye area
  2. Taking the lower part, apply over lower half of the face and overlapping the top mask by the temples
  3. Leave on for 10-20 minutes and continue with normal skincare routine!

MEDIUS – Cream Mask Gold Sericin ~ RP £4.00

This cream essence type mask is perfect for the drier climate as it creates a barrier locking in all that goodness, so you’re always hydrated wherever you go! A protein made from silk it aids in healing skin, maximises collagen production whilst minimising wrinkles, Meadowfoam Seed Oil rich in antioxidants softens and moisturises skin whilst hyaluronic acid retains water leaving you feeling plump and bouncy!

NOTS – Soothing Multi Gel Mask ~ RP £4.50

Give your skin some love with this soothing jelly type essence mask from NoTS! The cooling sensation calms any irritated skin whilst ingredients such as aloe vera helps with inflammation, bamboo water hydrates parched skin and cucumber extracts nourishes whilst moisturising at the same time. Perfect for those who have enjoyed a late summer and need some cool down on skin that has been exposed to the sunlight too much!

H. LAB – Centella Asiatica ~ RP £3.00

Made up of 90% of Centella Asiatica extract this mask helps to revitalize weakened skin and soothes redness and irritation! This 100% cupra sheet mask from H. Lab gives an almost silk like texture which adheres like a dream on the skin, it’s anti-static, breathable and is known for being a low irritant so sensitive skins there’s no need for worry! Made with no preservatives and parabens and only natural ingredients your skin will feel smooth and balanced.

GREEN HARMONY – Blueberry Mask Pack ~ RP £3.00

Since summer is over we thought you might need a bit of a pick me up so here’s this months Bonus Skincare Item! This wash off mask increases skin elasticity whilst providing deep moisture, Blueberries are rich in Vitamins A, B and C and those antioxidants and phytochemicals will help combat free radicals and help reverse damaged skin. It also helps to clear up acne problems leaving you feeling brighter and smoother, now you can keep glowing all Autumn long!


  1. After cleansing and drying your face, apply on face avoiding eye an
  2. d lip area.
  3. Leave on for 10-15 minutes
  4. Rinse off with warm water and continue with your skincare routine.

This is a premium plan for those that want more diverse mask types and better quality ingredients, 8-10 masks and sometimes a bonus skincare item.

All masks sourced directly from Korea straight to the customers door. All masks have been tested before, they are being curated to ensure the best quality and they are suitable for all skin types.

Subscription cost is GBP 24.99 a month which includes shipping (within mainland UK). All other items sold on the website have a flat shipping rate unless you spend  over GBP 30 then it’s free shipping.

Boxes are available for one time purchases the following month at a slightly different price point and shipping is not included, this ensures you guys (subscribers) get the benefit as you will be able to test the products out first and save money .

From time to time they curate themed  boxes such as Holiday Box (Christmas) and BE MINE box

These are only one off purchases and make for a perfect gift.

I tried out the BLOSSOM JEJU – Red Camellia Soombi 2 Step Deep Nourishing Petal Mask

My skin felt nice and soft afterwards, I’ve posted a detailed tutorial about this mask on my Youtube channel, feel free to check it out through the below link:

I’ll be testing more Masktime masks, so please stay tuned with my Instagram updates!

P.S Ladies, don’t forget to pamper yourself!!

I hope you find my recommendation useful !

Thank you

Your Kovi


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