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A few weeks ago I was sent some lovely hair products to try from Ella Mae

I love the simplicity and minimalism of the bottles. The products also have a lovely consistency and are easy to use.

Ella Mae proposed for me the ANTI-DAMAGE SEALING SNAIL SLIME SHAMPOO & MASK  , its famous for their healing effects.


As you all know, I need to color my blonde hair every six weeks and I have been looking for an easy but effective anti-damage shampoo and mask. As you can see from my picture below , the results are amazing. Mm and it smells divine!

Since I started using the shampoo and mask, my hair feels so soft. With just 2 steps, damage is instantly repaired and my hair is growing much faster.  Snail slime is a brilliant secret known to man for thousands of years. In ancient Greece, it was recognised for its benefits. Already then, it was identified as an effective solution for the skin with many marvellous virtues: healing, regenerating, highly moisturising, and exfoliating. Today, these are the main therapeutic and cosmetic powers attributed to this gem of nature.

So, what is hidden in the snail slime? Before presenting its qualities to the human skin, the healing benefits of this precious liquid firstly assist the snail, allowing it to heal and regenerate itself. Indeed, the snail filtrate is composed of nutrients that enable it to protect its skin from drying out, protects the snail from infections and harmful ultraviolet rays.
For us, once it has been purified from bacterial flora, it becomes bioavailable to the skin. It acts as a protective barrier, and the mucus effectively diminishes many skin problems. It soothes burns, heals scars, and acts as an anti-wrinkle formula. It also relieves the skin from acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

Oh, and before I forget, my hair is a dream to comb and style because snail slime is a great detangler. Two effective products made with natural ingredients, not tested on animals, and dermatologically tested. Try Ella Mae Anti Damage Sealing Snail Slime Shampoo & Mask, and see for yourselves!

Guys, please also check out my review of ANTI-DAMAGE SEALING SNAIL SLIME SHAMPOO & MASK through the link below

I hope you find my recommendation useful!

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