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Get back to Human with HU kitchen

Happy Monday, Guys!

I hope  Everyone is keeping well.

About a month ago Hu kitchen asked me to test some of their chocolate.

I’m such a chocoholic so I was delighted to find out that Hu kitchen is a totally healthy chocolate.

They sent me their brand new HU Nut butter variety pack which includes the following flavors:

1x Hazelnut Butter

1x Almond Butter

1x Crispy Quinoa

1x Cashew Butter &Vanilla Bean

1x Cashew Butter & Raspberry

1x Cashew Butter

1x  Orange and Vanilla.

I’ve tried every single one of them & my favorite is Cashew Butter & Raspberry. Hu kitchen is made of  only organic ingredients, it has no gluten & no emulsifiers . Also Hu kitchen is vegan certified & contains unrefined coconut sugar.

I also like the fact that Hu kitchen takes care of the planet by producing all of their chocolate in sustainable packaging.

I enjoy Hu kitchen on its own with a cup of tea or coffee or adding into my healthy recipes. Please check out my   Hu kitchen chocolate shell smoothie recipe through the link below:

Also I’ve made the most delicious rice crispies using  Hu kitchen, also please check out the recipe below:

Today I’ve made the most delicious coconut bars with Hu kitchen

please check out the recipe through the link below:

And the good news is you get 20% off with my discount code DIANA
I hope you find my recommendation useful.



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