Feeding is a Doddl

Hi Guys,

I hope Everyone is keeping well.

Today we are talking all things cutlery.

As you already know I’ve 2 kids: 1.5 years old and a 4.5 years old boy and like any other mum I’m teaching them how to use their cutlery. Let’s be honest ! It’s a long & monotonous journey and there is no shortcut.
I’ve done plenty of research in internet looking for “super easy to use” cutlery for my kids and there are so many different brands & designs ! But Doddl caught my eye, so I got it! Their cutlery turned out to be a  super invention to change children feeding life’s forever, the set is  really handy to hold and manage and the little knife is totally safe.

So I went for a 3 piece Children’s Spoon, Fork & Knife Set

The set is suitable for children from 1 – 5+ years, it’s available in three vibrant colors: aqua, indigo & magenta, it has colorful soft touch areas to develop your child’s pincer grip (a key motor skill), it’s easy to clean,  dishwasher safe and it’s  recommended by the experts. The set helps teach little hands and builds independence & learning opportunities. also it helps with development milestones, and with developing new tastes/trying new textures, one word it makes mealtimes easier and more enjoyable.
Guys, but remember there’s no such a thing as a perfect mealtime! Let’s  embrace all the messiness of parenting – mealtimes and beyond!

The set price is only £16.95 and you can pick yours through the link below

Guys, they also have a set with a cute case, feel free to check it out through the link below

Children’s Spoon, Fork & Knife Set & Cutlery Case Bundle

And it’s only £19.95!

Mummies & daddies, the set is a game changer and is worth every penny spent!

I hope you find my recommendation useful!

Lots of Love