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I hope Everyone is enjoying their Saturday. I’m at home right now catching up on my blog & Instagram content.

Today we are talking all things sterile water. I’m sure you know that i’m a huge fan of anything healthy, organic, hygienic and sterile.

Babies until 1 years of age can only drink formula or breast milk and in our situation it’s the formula, if honestly I find formula preparations quite easy & convenient, but not when outdoors out and about without any access to sterile water. Since Audrey feeds every 4 hours this could be a problem that’s why I did some research in Internet and found Purgaty

Purgaty is the innovative drinking bottle made of high quality stainless steel that inactivates germs in less than 55 seconds, thanks to UV-C LED technology. The use of UV-C for disinfection has been common practice since the middle of the 20th century: first in medical hygiene and sterile working environments, later in water treatment, food production and air purification systems. However, there was only the possibility of irradiation with

UV-C light through tubes – which had a high mercury content. However, the UV-C technology based on LEDs works without chemicals, toxic compounds and resistance formation.

Purgaty® works together with the leading LED manufacturer Crystal IS, which is part of the Asahi Kasei Group with a total of 39,000 employees, to make everyday life easier and more carefree for all people through UV-C LED technology. Crystal IS was founded in 1997 and has always supplied the whole world with the Klaran line (UV-C LED products), which offers the best way to clean surfaces, water and air. purgaty’s goal is to use the existing technology of UV-C cleaning and to equip its products with LEDs from one of the leading global suppliers. This is how our decision to cooperate with Crystal IS.

On a Sunday me, Kevin and the kids enjoy our long walks in the park. I feel like Purgaty could make our walks so much easier. The bottle could be also useful to professional/single people who like hiking, play tennis or football, workout in the gym,or even to those who spend all day in the offices.  Also i would be taking this bottle abroad on holidays when i’m feeling uncomfortable drinking water out of the tap.

According to their  test report from Eurofins, their  high-power LEDs with 265 nm achieve a disinfection rate of bacteria, viruses and fungi in water of up to 100%. They rely on the technology leader Klaran, which with its patented UV-C LEDs manages to emit the radiation at a peak wavelength of 265nm.
And the bottle design is stylish, goes absolutely with any outfit, whether it’s casual, corporate or sports outfit.
They  also donate 10% of their sales to UNICEF & THE AUSTRIAN Red Cross in the fight against the corona virus.
Please see a direct link to bottle below, it’s called Purgaty Brain.
Purgaty one
UV-C LED Technology Peak wavelength of 265 nm
Up to 95x Disinfection cycles with one full battery charge.
Rechargeable with the latest USB-C Technology
No odours in the bottle thanks to UV-C Led Technology
12 hours warm
24 hours cold
Perfect for every season
1 button press & 55 seconds to purify drinking water
A link to Purgaty One is below:
They also sell the usual drinking bottles, please see a link below, they come in 3 colours: in cream colour, in dark blue & in stainless steel .
As for a price all the Purgaty bottles are totally affordable. Purgaty Brain is only EUR 99 and the Purgaty One is EUR 119.
I hope you find my recommendation useful.

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