Elegant luxury from Samia Yousif

Happy Monday, Guys!

Today we are talking high end fashion.

We @strawberryjournal were honored to collaborate with the Swiss brand Samia Yousif

Samia Yousif is a woman’s clothing company based in Geneva, Switzerland, it offers a bespoke collection of dresses to choose from, in a vast range of colors and sizes, but one stunning white Aisha dress really caught my attention, it’s a simple but elegant dress which fitted perfectly and was made of high-quality  fabric with a logo embroided on left shoulder. You can see this dress through the link below, it costs EUR €262.17, in my opinion, it’s worth every penny.  This dress could be worn to work, I’m going to keep this dress for a special occasion, such as wedding, christening or ladies day at the races, it’s just too nice!

Aisha Dress €262.17

Guys, did you know that Samia Yousif’s brand was an official Gift Supplier at the MTV EMAs 2016.

Samia Yousif’s  below  Alia silk floral dress won an A’ Design award 2017 in category Fashion, Apparel and Garment Design.