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It’s me again! Kids are now in bed and I’m flat out busy trying to finish content for  my recent collaborations.

Today we are talking all things beauty. Recently a brand called Eigshow asked me to test their makeup brushes. EIGSHOW Beauty is a company born in 2013 by a group of industry professionals from NYC with the obsession to create innovative, high-quality makeup brushes, tools, and supplies for makeup enthusiasts, beauty lovers and creatives everywhere.

They  brought together the best of the best from beauty gurus and influencers to industry professionals and curators to create the best beauty tools, that are and will always be affordable, without the “Brand Name” price.  But what does  EIGSHOW mean?

Elegant – Flawless beauty is elegant, you know in the old 50’s movies, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe pure effortlessness.

Intelligent – The beauty tools they create are intelligent, intuitive to you in all forms of beauty application. They only want to produce the best product on the market and offer it to you  at a reasonable price.

Gorgeous – You know that compliment “You Look Gorgeous” well its their favorite! When you feel and look gorgeous you are truly confident. Nothing more or less!

Their brushes are designed to the last detail and they tightly control every aspect of the process. From their natural premium goat hair selection to their synthetic brush fibers to the authentic wooden handle design, they care about every piece that goes into the brushes you are holding in your hands today.


The Magician Series Lucky Coffee set is an 18-piece brush kit with every brush you need for the face and eyes. Any makeup artist of any level can use this versatile kit for editorial or artistic makeup. Coming with a faux leather pouch, that you can easily take your brushes anywhere.

How To Use

The large brushes can be used to easily cover the face in a well-blended layer of liquid foundation and powder, while even blending contour, blush, and highlights. The several eye makeup brushes of different sizes can create a detailed eye look, anything from a cut crease to an intense smokey eye. An eyeliner and eyebrow brush are included, so you don’t need any other tool for your makeup.

Vegan Nanofiber Technology – Just as soft as natural animal hairs.

High-Grade – the included faux leather pouch feels very luxurious and durable

The 18 Piece set comprises of:

#1- LARGE POWDER: A brush that provides flawless application of powder to the face or body.

#2 – BLUSH: A cheek brush for the perfect blending and contouring of blush.

#3ANGLED CONTOUR: A small size brush designed for the expert application of the cheeks contours.

#4 – KABUKI FOUNDATION BRUSH: This brush provides a flawless, high definition finish with liquid or cream foundation without any absorption of product.

#5 – HIGHLIGHT BRUSH: A middle size tapered brush specially designed to enhance the technique of sculpting and shaping.

#6 – NOSE SHADOW: The dense and angled brush head is ideal for covering the black rim of the eyes. It can easily sweep the shadow along the nose bridge to create a stereoscopic look.

#7 – LARGE EYE BLENDING: For applying and blending eye shadow.

#8 – TAPERED EYE BLENDING: This brush is ideal for adding depth in the crease with control of product placement. Works great with dark shades of powder shadows.

#9 – EYE SHADOW BRUSH: The flat paddle shape makes it ideal for applying products on the eyelid.

#10 – MIDDLE EYE BLENDING: For applying and blending eye shadow.

#11 – TAPERED SMALL EYE BLENDING: This brush is ideal for adding depth in the crease with control of product placement. Works great with dark shades of powder shadows.

#12 – ANGLED EYE BROW: This brush is perfectly angled to apply colour to eyebrows. Firm bristles are excellent for applying brow powder and blending brow pencil.

#13 – EYE SHADOW BRUSH: Made of synthetic fibres for powder and liquid/cream application. The flat paddle shape makes it ideal for applying products on the eyelid.

#14 – EYE SHADOW BRUSH: This brush has soft, firm hair arranged in a square shape. Ideal for shading with eye shadow or emollient-based products.

#15 – MASCARA BRUSH: A brush that applies mascara products, separates lashes or grooms brows.

#16 – LIP BRUSH: Ultra-firm with tapered a tip, defines the contours of the lip. Applies quickly and easily.

#17 – ANGLED EYELINER: Graphically precise with a finely pointed, tapered tip. Provides a controlled, ultra-fine application of any powder, liquid or cream-based eye liner.

#18 – CONCEALER: The flat paddle shape makes it ideal for applying liquid/cream products around eyes and face to cover the black rim of eye and small blemishes.

The good news is the set has now been reduced down to €33.61

I’ve tested every single brush in this set and all I can say is I’m impressed with the quality and the design, they are also very affordable. Highly recommend!

I’ve recorded a detailed tutorial on how to make the most of your  Eigshow brushes, please check it out through the link below:

I’ll also post this tutorial on my Instagram account.

Guys, I hope you find my recommendation useful!

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