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Dropchef- The smartest way to cook

Happy Friday Guys!

Spring is in the air which instantly puts me in a better form! Finally! we don’t have to wear layers and layers of heavy clothing. I was out for a walk with the kids  for 2 hours yesterday!

So today we are talking all things food! The other day I’ve received a delivery from Dropchef

Dropchef asked me to test one of their recipe boxes- something I was looking to try long time ago.

Dropchef is such a brilliant idea! The process is super simple!

  1. Pick your perfect plan depending on who’s at home. Select from 6 weekly changing recipes.
  2. Convenient delivery at a place & time that suits you. Not home? no worries!, their  nifty packaging will keep everything chilled until you get home
  3. Step by step recipe cards & pre-portioned ingredients mean you’ll be cooking up tasty dinners in less than 30 minutes!

So you’ve got 3 plans to choose from:

  1. Classic (€7.95 / serving)
  2. Veggie (€6.95 / serving)
  3. Family(€5.42 / serving)

then you  select number of people & recipes per week. You can choose from a weekly menu of 8 recipes. Simply log into your account, go to ‘My Menu’ and click on the meals you would like to receive.

They deliver to all of the Republic of Ireland as well as Northern Ireland. Delivery is always free. Skip any week. Cancel Anytime.

I think  Dropchef is suitable for single professionals who tend to buy only a small  amount of groceries for cooking single portions and for those who have no time for groceries shopping like self employed mums who wouldn’t want to bring all of their kids to the supermarket.  Dropchef is also perfect for males who have no clue how to cook,  but are  trying to impress their other halfs with a romantic meal, step by step recipe cards make is super simple.

So i was sent the exact amount of ingredients for 2 different meals and of course with the recipe inside.

So the first recipe was: Chicken, Quinoa & Rocket Salad with Fresh Citrusy Orange. Ingredients that need to be refrigerated arrived in the cooler, chicken & beef were vacuum sealed so every single ingredient was fresh.


It was extremely easy to cook and it turned out absolutely delicious!

The second recipe was Stir-fried Steak with Kale & Egg Noodles. It also turned out absolutely to die for!


I’ve documented a step by step videos and posted them on my Instagram feed

Stir-fried Steak with Kale & Egg Noodles


Chicken, Quinoa & Rocket Salad with Fresh Citrusy Orange.

90% of the time I cook my own homemade meals and trying to avoid as much as possible processed food. Why wouldn’t I cook when it’s so simple and convenient with Dropchef

Guys, make sure to check them out!

lots of love




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