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Canderel Sugarly is the way forward

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If you are following me on Instagram then you have probably noticed that I’be been doing plenty of baking and cooking lately with Canderel Sugarly

I’ve been using Canderel  for years & was delighted to try out  Canderel Sugarly

I’ve a really bad sweet tooth so Canderel Sugarly has been a real life saver!

When it comes to replacing sugar, Canderel Sugarly has no equals – it looks, feels and tastes likes sugar. And it has no calories & no sugar – no, really!

is the easiest swap if you want to reduce your calorie intake from sugar without compromising on taste, it can be used just like sugar: sprinkle on fruit and cereals, use in hot drinks as well as cooking and baking, it’s perfectly suitable for diabetics as part of a balanced diet and suitable for vegetarians. It is also Keto Friendly and teeth friendly.

I’m putting Canderel Sugarly in my daily cups of tea & coffee, I add it in my porridge, smoothies & in baking.

Canderel Sugarly contains Zero sugar, Zero calories,  Tastes like sugar, Sugar-like crunchy texture, Vegan Friendly, Gluten Free and contains No artificial colours or flavours.

Canderel Sugarly  can be bought in  following stores in Republic of Ireland: Tesco, Supervalu, & Dunnesstores

Canderel Sugarly is also available to buy in the UK: in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons & Waitrose.

Canderel has the most amazing recipes on their website, please check them out through the link below:

So I’ve made these delicious lemon squares, feel free to check out the recipe through the link below, the only difference is I’ve used lemon instead of lime.

I’ve documented this recipe step by step in my reel below

Since Pancake Tuesday is only around the corner I’ve came up with the healthiest pancake recipe ever, all you need is

120g oats

2bsp Canderel Sugarly

1 1/2 tsp baking powder

1 egg

100ml milk

Blend all of these ingredients an start making pancakes!

I’ve had them with blueberries & raspberries. I’ve also documented it in my step by step reel below:

Also I’ve made the most delicious cocoa smoothie bowl the other day, it’s pretty simple to make, all you need is :

170g Greek yoghurt

15g chocolate protein powder

10g smooth peanut butter

2tsp cocoa powder

2 tsp  Canderel Sugarly

2 tbsp chopped hazelnuts

3 tbsp almond milk

Blend it all of these ingredients except hazelnuts, add hazelnuts at the end & sprinkle some on top. Also I’ve documented this recipe in the reel below

Since I’ve discovered Canderel Sugarly I find it easier to satisfy my sweet tooth, so many delicious treats you can make with Canderel Sugarly

I’m now so much into baking & cooking! Can’t wait to make & eat all the delicious treats!

Guys, make sure to try  Canderel Sugarly

I hope you find my recommendation useful!

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