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Burn calories with this detox juice

Hi Guys

Kovi here again, How are you? oh I had so much tasty food and chocolate lately…. i think  it’s time to shed those pounds and get back into shape!

Today I was experimenting in the kitchen and came up with a new detox juice!

You’ll need the following ingredients:

Beet Root – 1 beet, 180g

Celery – 2 stalk,  130g
Spinach – 3 cup 100g
Spirulina (dried) – 1 teaspoon

Put all the ingredients into your juicer and blend thoroughly.

With the magical benefits of these ingredients being:


Spinach is a great metabolism booster due to the high fiber content of leafy greens High fiber foods like leafy greens can increase your fat burn by 30%. Leafy greens like spinach and kale provide iron to support healthy blood. Spinach is rich in Vitamin B, which also leads to better metabolism.


Phthalides are phytochemicals present in celery lower stress hormones and relax muscle tissue in your arteries, improving blood flow. Celery has a high silicon content for rebuilding your bones, joints, connective tissues and arteries. Celery neutralizes acidity, alkalizes the body, balances the body’s pH.
Celery juice contains anti-cancer compounds and reduces the risk of certain cancers including colon and stomach cancer. It also lowers bad cholesterol and blood pressure as good as good as many prescription medications. Drinking celery juice helps balance weight by helping to reduce cravings for sweet foods. Celery juice also aids weight loss, reduces cellulite and puffiness by acting as a diuretic and reducing inflammation.


Beetroot  is a great cleanser for your liver, intestines, kidneys and bladder, it’s loaded with nutrients, and stimulates the circulatory system, speeding up metabolism, this vegetable purifies the blood and has anti-carcinogenic properties. A large amount of fiber contained in beetroot improves digestive health, aiding the absorption of food and helping to regulate processes within the body – two key factors in aiding weight loss and reducing cholesterol. Beetroot also contains silica, which is good for your skin, hair, fingernails, ligaments, tendons and bones.


Spirulina eases the passage of waste through  digestive system, thereby reducing stress on the entire system. It also promotes healthy bacteria and improves  absorption of dietary nutrients. Spirulina also  helps the body detox naturally, it contains a very high concentration of chlorophyll, one of nature’s most powerful detoxifying agents, which has been shown to be effective at helping remove toxins from the blood. Spirulina also strengthens our immune system, it actively promotes cell regeneration and helps wounds heal quicker, makes recovery from illnesses occur faster. Spirulina also keeps our eyes healthy as is very rich in vitamin A, which is exceptionally important for healthy eyes.






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