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Beauty Booster for beauty from within with Ivybears

Hi Guys

Happy Thursday !

I hope Everyone is keeping well. Back in September this year Ivybears asked me to test some of  their gummy bears.

So they sent me a PR box which contained 3 types of their bears:

Women’s Hair Vitamins

Women’s Hair Vitamins makes your hair shiny and beautiful.

Contains high doses of biotin, folic acid biotin, folic acid,  zinc and several vitamins essential for the growth of healthy hair & strong nails, also the bears contain the key vitamins A, C, D, E, B5, B6 and B12, which are essential for the maintenance and growth of healthy hair.

After taking these vitamins for a few months my hair look so much healthier and shinier

Vibrant skin

Vibrant skin gives the skin the ultimate glow effect, packed with collagen (patented brand VERISOL®) and hyaluronic acid. The skin vitamin complex contains natural ingredients that improve skin tone and elasticity and prevent the signs of premature aging for radiantly beautiful skin.

These bears I’ve also been taking for a few months and already noticed my skin looks  so much more glowing and radiant.

Boost Immune

Boost Immune is packed with essential nutrients and vitamins to perfectly support your bodies immune system every day.

It seems like Covid19 is not going anywhere anytime soon so it’s time to stock up on immunity supplements. Boost Immune 

contains zinc, vitamin B6, vitamin E, vitamin D2, vitamin B2, vitamin B12, vitamin C and biotin which are essential for strong immune system.

All of the 3 types taste absolutely delicious, especially the Boost Immune bears. I like treating myself to a daily dose of bears while chilling with my face mask on in the evening or after a healthy lunch/ shot of detoxing juice.

I strongly believe that the healthy hair & skin comes from within, there is a good saying “you are what you eat”

You can use all the expensive face creams you want but if you eat rubbish and don’t take any vitamins your skin won’t be healthy.

I’ve just ordered Ivybears for all of my friends as Christmas presents. You can’t go wrong gifting vitamins, everyone needs some at the moment.

I hope you find my recommendation useful.

Lots of Love







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