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Happy Thursday Guys!

I hope Everyone is super excited about Christmas!

I see many people already putting their trees up! I think i’m gonna put mine this weekend! Feeling the Christmas spirit!

In other news the other day I did a collaboration with a wonderful brand Social Baby

They are specialists in the area of infant mental health and parenting. They  draw upon the experience and expertise of parents, health professionals and academic research to provide up-to-date information in ways that are easily understood by everyone – parents, carers and practitioners.

So they sent me some really cool educational material:


Babyshapes & mobile

The BabyShapes set uses clear, distinct patterns with sharp outlines that newborn babies love. There are also faces that even newborn babies may copy! The high contrast shapes may appear odd or even a little boring to adults, but they are designed to hold babies’ attention and the results from them is often breathtaking.

Babies need close contact with caregivers, as well as gentle stimulation from a variety of sources. BabyShapes books and mobile do both, and help promote secure attachments and bonding through close, shared experience.

There is continued debate as to whether or not new babies can see in colour, but it is agreed that they are drawn to high contrast images. These simple books have been specially developed to interest a baby from birth.

I’m going to set up the mobile in baby’s cot so my baby girl could have playing with it


Babyshapes 1-2-3

At birth a baby’s visual limit is about 22 cm. BabyShapes books 1-2-3 are created to be your newborn baby’s first high contrast, black and white books. They are designed to be of interest to new babies and to help parents and carers better understand babies’ early communication abilities, which is so important in developing secure attachments.


Babyshapes Gallery & stickers

A set of striking black and white graphics to use around the home. Using a selection of our BabyShapes images these easy-wipe laminated sheets can be propped up or stuck to a wall. Also included are stickers to use as you wish.

The set consists of:
2 x A4 laminates, with graphics on either side, shown above.
3 x sheets of stickers with 12 images



The I-Qube can be used anywhere and also folds flat to fit into your changing bag. The I-Qube provides black and white high contrast patterns on a lightweight, flat-packed, self-assembly cube. It can be rotated to show a different pattern and easy to position within the baby’s vision range.

The I-Qube is cheap enough to buy two or three, so they can be dotted around baby’s immediate environment anywhere in the home.

An ideal affordable small gift for any newborn baby! Size 9 cm (3.5 in) cube.

I’m super excited to use all of these products once my baby girl is born, i think it’s very important to stimulate babies’ brain from the day they are born, babies like contrast : black and white.

Babyshapes & mobile   makes a perfect Christmas gift, the packaging is fab ! And the price is reasonable ! So if you are looking for unique Christmas gift Babyshapes & mobile is the right one for you!

I hope you guys enjoyed my blogpost

Have a great day ! Enjoy your Christmas and New Years!

Kind and Best Regards






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