About me

Hey Guys !

Thank you for visiting my website ,

The inspiration behind me creating this website is that , I personally am passionate about beauty and fashion . I have always wanted to share with people my interest in the fashion world my interests , my tips and my whole ideas in relation to different looks and styles.

I believe in a positive outlook on health and wellbeing , so I created the DianaKovi.com , I started it as a hobby for my own wellbeing and thought to myself do you know what ? Why just share this information with myself , why not put it down in writing let the world see and hopefully it can help even one person , that is what I strive for to please as many people as I can.

Check out my instagram feed and follow me Dianakovi on your social media platforms . From my point of view nothing makes this experience better than personal comments from people with their ideas and what they think it is what I strive for and is what makes me blog and is why I love it . So Join me on this wonderful journey and lets see what can happen .

Thank you all,

Much love, Diana x.