Luxe & Khan leggings review

Hi Guys

I hope Everyone is well and looking forward to New Year! Let’s be honest we had enough of 2020!

I’m sure many of my female followers agree that  Christmas holiday days & nights out, endless cups of tea with mince pies resulted in a lot extra weight and it’s totally fine, this is what you do during Christmas – eat & drink.  And this is exactly what i do on my holidays.

So sometimes I rely on clothes that create perfect optical illusion, certain outfits just make you look slimmer! So i was chuffed to discover Luxe & Khan leggings.

Their leggings are made from premium “A” grade elastane ensuring you the highest quality product, 100% squat proof and high waisted. It’s amazing how much high waisted elastane leggings make you look slimmer, they almost suck all the wobbly bits in! The supportive waistband almost flatens your stomach!They cost EUR €55,00 and are worth every penny spent

You can buy them through this link

I wear them not only for working out but also casually

They look very classy

Make sure to get a pair!






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