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100% healthy and low calorie pancakes

Happy Saturday, Guys!

Today we are talking  all things healthy & tasty.

The other day I was experimenting in the kitchen and come up with these super healthy low calorie courgette pancakes,they turned out to be absolutely delicious, so here is the recipe:

You  need the following ingredients:

(serves 3 people )

2 medium size courgettes

1 large egg

80 wholemeal flour

40g plain flour

2tsp baking powder

240ml milk

pinch of salt

60g low fat Glenisk yoghurt

2tbsp brown sugar /caster brown sugar


Peel and grate courgettes on the largest holes of the grater into a colander,let courgettes drain


Mix all the ingredients together


Preheat the frying pan and start making pancakes pouring a small amount ,I always use olive oil for frying


Enjoy ! I like them with golden syrup or with sour cream 😃


Kovi cakes


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