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10 effective ways to loose weight fast

Happy Monday Everyone!

I want to introduce you to some low-calorie foods that are tasty and healthy. I’m not a vegetarian so many of my recipes will contain chicken, red meat and fish. Guys the recipes in my blog  are literally for everyone, they are just my simple way of eating tasty and healthy.
So what helps me to stay slim?  There’s No magic wand needed, just simply exercise, common sense, will power and a little portion control:
1) I do eat chocolate, sweats and pastries, but really try not too excessively.
1) I start my morning most days with a cappuccino and bowl of fruit (No Bread)
2) I Always eat a big lunch (It’s my biggest Daily Meal) make sure it’s got Carbs for energy and plenty of fiber
4) I treat myself in the afternoon to tea with a healthy snack bar or some Nuts
5) I try to eat my dinner by 6pm every day but Guys never anything later than 7pm if you can avoid it at all cost. (This really is so important and it’s my golden rule)
6) Take away ….. I consciously try to avoid these tasty little buggers as they are so bad for you and inevitably we always end up eating them late at night!!!! That’s a double whammy of bad news when it comes to battling the bulge :0 (By the way I’m a sucker for a Doner Kebab & chips
7) Be a Fruit Bunny …… Eat fruit anytime, anywhere, anyway …. Its only good for you (I often use it as desert for a sweet balance after a savory dinner)
8) All my dinners/lunches would include a reasonable portion of meat like chicken, beef, pork or fish. I load the meal up with big portion of vegetables on the side. I find Vegetables especially green ones help me digest my food and they have all the vitamins I need and some of them you’ll even find tasty!
9) I also drink plenty of water and green tea
10) Exercise is included in my daily routine.

2 years ago while I was pregnant I gained a lot of unwanted weight, so after giving birth I went on a diet, I ate healthy and completely excluded any junk food and sweets, 6 months later I got my body back.

Please see the photo below, left-me after pregnancy 62 kgs, right-me 6 months later 48 kgs.

Remember, anything is possible!

Guys, i hope you find this blog post useful 🙂





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